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Charger for Kodak KLIC-8000 K8000 CR-V3 RICOH DB50 [c715] (c727-K8000)

sku #: c.c727-K8000

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Quick Overview

It has all the same functions as the original charger, made from the highest quality material, excellent quality and cheap price with the best service. All chargers are tested for 100% quality control assurance.


Condition Brand New
Battery Type Battery Charger
Voltage NA
Capacity NA


Compatible Battery:
Kodak KLIC-8000 CR-V3 RICOH DB50

Package Contents:
Battery Charger x1

Compatible with the following models :
BENQ: DC 4500
Casio: GV Series GV-10, QV Series QV-2000UX, QV Series QV-2300UX, QV Series QV-2800UX, QV Series QV-2900UX, QV Series QV-3000EX, QV Series QV-3500
KODAK: Z1485 IS, C Series C300, C Series C310, C Series C315, C Series C330, C Series C340, C Series C360, C Series C433, C Series C503, C Series C530, C Series C533, C Series C603, C Series C643, C Series C663, C Series C875, CD series CD33, CD series CD40, CD series CD43, CW Series CW330, CX Series CX4200, CX Series CX4210, CX Series CX4230, CX Series CX4300, CX Series CX4310, CX Series CX6200, CX Series CX6230, CX Series CX6330, CX Series CX6445, CX Series CX7220, CX Series CX7300, CX Series CX7310, CX Series CX7330, CX Series CX7430, CX Series CX7525, CX Series CX7530, DX Series DX3215, DX Series DX3500, DX Series DX3600, DX Series DX3700, DX Series DX3900, DX Series DX4330, DX Series DX4900, DX Series DX6440, Z / ZD Series Z612, Z / ZD Series Z650, Z / ZD Series Z700, Z / ZD Series Z710, Z / ZD Series Z740
Nikon:CoolPix 2100,CoolPix 2200,CoolPix 3100,CoolPix 3200
Olympus: C-series C-150, C-series C-160, C-series C-2020, C-series C-2040, C-series C-21, C-series C-220, C-series C-3000, C-series C-3020, C-series C-3030, C-series C-3040, C-series C-310, C-series C-350, C-series C-360, C-series C-4000 Zoom, C-series C-4040, C-series C-450, C-series C-5050, C-series C-700, C-series C-720, C-series C-725, C-series C-730, C-series C-750, D-series D-100, D-series D-150, D-series D-230, D-series D-370, D-series D-380, D-series D-390, D-series D-395, D-series D-40, D-series D-490, D-series D-510, D-series D-520, D-series D-540, D-series D-550, D-series D-560, D-series D-565, D-series D-575, D-series D-580, E-series E-10, E-series E-100 RS, E-series E-20N
Pentax:DigiBino 100,DigiBino DB100,Optio 230,Optio 30, Optio 330GS,Optio 33L,Optio 33LF,Optio 33WR,Optio S30, Optio S40
SAMSUNG: Digimax 101, Digimax 202, Digimax 230, Digimax 240, Digimax 250, Digimax 301, Digimax 350SE, Digimax 360, Digimax 370, Digimax 401, Digimax 420, Digimax 430, Digimax 530, Digimax D30, Digimax V3, Digimax V4, Digimax V40, Digimax V5, Digimax V50

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